Connecting people to a sense of place through delight in growing plants and food.
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Dedicated to engaging kids in outdoor learning to build healthier communities.

iMPROVING THE ACADEMIC ACHEIVEMENT AND WELL-Being of students in Durham Public Schools through Experiential Outdoor Learning at the HUb Farm.

Photos courtesy of Frances Starn

Quick – what vegetable is a pickle? If you answered ‘cucumber,’ you’re smarter than a college student! Or, smarter than I was. I’ll never forget the day as a 20 year-old that I finally recognized those crunchy green spears I’d been pulling out of jars my whole life. Pickles taught me that food literacy is not a given—and gave me an appetite for working to change that...
— Excerpt from "No Pickle Juice Necessary" Read more here:

Connecting kids to healthy lives through school gardens and classroom cooking with FoodCorps.